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As for the formula, its very moisturizing, its not sticky or gooey and it doesn't form a weird film on …. About reviewer reviews. I'm NC35 - this is the perfect nude lip. Over Japanese Maple and you are done! For a no makeup look, just apply alone and you're done.

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About reviewer 8 reviews. This is a beautiful rosey nude lip gloss, that's not sticky, goopy or sloppy. It has a gentle slip to give your lips a moist feeling. It enhances whatever color you have on your lips or it even "corrects" any off color lipstick I may have purchased that doesn't agree with my skintone. I have tanned olive skin, so sometimes a neutral coral may look too orange and make my teeth … Read more.

This is a very soft, pretty color on my lips. It makes them look so healthy and natural. My lips are very pigmented and can look very rosy and red. This is ok most of the time, but sometimes I want to tone it down a bit, but not look fake. Delight or Deelight, actually enhances the color of my lips and gives them a soft pink glow … Read more. About reviewer 24 reviews. This is the perfect my lips but better color that came with the sultry lip set from this winter collection. It totally flatters the lipstick that it came with which is I love winter.

MAC Deelight Cremesheen Glass Review and Swatches

About reviewer 38 reviews. It is a soft creamy pinkish MLBB color, but not in a pale milky pink or a brown pink It is so inviting and soft. It takes the brown out of my lips and brightens up my natural rosey toned lips. Very natural looking, but so much more than my natural lip color. And no glitter or sparkles. I have fair skin tone with light eyes and dk blonde hair. This is the best lipgloss I have ever purchased, hands down.

The color is perfect. Doesn't make my bee-stung lips look like a clown's. Just really soft, natural and beautiful. About reviewer 11 reviews. This is a beautiful light pink nude shade for me.. Unlike most lip glosses this is not at all sticky but slightly creamy. Regular MAC lip glasses are 4. I think MAC are trying to scam people into thinking they are getting more product than they actually are, as the tubes for these Cremesheens are bigger than regular lip glass tubes, yet they contain almost half the amount of gloss!

The large tube has thick acrylic walls that have a … Read more. About reviewer 85 reviews. Gorgeous shade - it's a slightly coral but still natural shade that gives me a "your lips but better" kind of look. You can pair it with lipsticks, but it gives a really nice sheer color when worn on its own. About reviewer 2 reviews. A sheer wash of peach with a heavenly smooth texture. Cremesheen glasses are my favorite as far as MAC lipglasses go, they lack the obnoxious glitter of other formulations and don't feel sticky in the slightest.

Usually, I'd prefer a brush applicator for a gloss, but the doe foot works with this formula. About reviewer 67 reviews. This is a nice peachy pink with no shimmer. I would've rather had a tiny bit of shimmer in it, but I think that would have ruined the smooth texture to it. It comes with a doe foot applicator just like lipglasses, but they are completely different when it comes to the texture. It does have that yummy vanilla scent though! It was a little more expensive than a lipglass which isn't the … Read more.

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