Optimize mac os for audio

Make sure not to disable system fonts, they are those with the little X icon. The other can be removed safely, maybe keep the most common fonts, as some app may still use it i.


Remove only all foreign languages font and decorative stuff to be sure. A handy app that let you remove all useless localization file. They're basically the languages included in applications, you can just keep your native language and english required. The rest can be safely ticked and dumped. Don't touch Architectures pane, it can make a mess with some apps, also not many apps still have PPC code inside for older Macs nowadays, so no big deal.

Disable SafeSleep and delete sleep image: OSX constantly copy the content of RAM to disk in case of power failure or other bad things, so you won't lose your work in the worst scenario. The sleepimage file can get bigger and wast big space.

If you have 16 or more GB make your count, you may use that space for a nice Kontakt library for example. It can also be cause of excessive and useless wearing on SSDs. So this feature can be disabled without too much thinking to free up some disk space. Be aware of what you're doing and double check you correctly pasted these commands. So I use my own or directly use purge in terminal. While most Apple OSX apps efficiently manage the ram they use, many third party apps are not well optimised, and they have the habit not to release ram after you quit them.

Just double click on it, it may take up to a minute. While it do its job the computer can become unresponsive. Don't panic. That's all folks! Like x 17 Useful x 7 Winner x 3 Love it! No problem, it's always great to make something for others Thanks for pinning it!

Gonna have some rest now, typed too much. Like x 3 Winner x 1 List. Joined: Sep 26, Messages: Likes Received: 1. Like x 1 List. Joined: May 28, Messages: 5, Likes Received: This is so sweet and it also means less of the same questions taking up space in the forums and things are easier to find. Man AudioSex is so amazing lately, I can't even imagine what it will be like when we relaunch.

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Like x 1 Agree x 1 List. Catalyst , May 8, If I may help The fix can be: tech tool 7 Disk warrior this recover some hds that I thinkd there dead Many friend cry that kontakt libs do not load, but usually their hds are very full and fragmented remenber that OSX degrag small files not the big kontakt chunks About backup CCCloner is the one who make cross hds backups and preserve my 20t files, One thing I never shut down is spotlight that I love to find a file, especially to compare, clean doubles and old libs :dancing: Thanks that osx is a lot easeier than tuning a windows xp for audio I still remember some looog soup operas.

Joined: Aug 23, Messages: Likes Received: You're a King Copylefter! It's extremely clear and thus a pleasure to read! Really interesting and useful thread!! Good game. Now we can all use the maximum of our machine or still use some times the old machine before throw them! TwistedCycles , May 8, Things have changed and again Windows is mopping the floor with OSX in benchmarks for audio production in all its untuned glory.

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They may deviate but OSX got clobbered, it wasn't remotely close.

How to Optimize Your Mac for Audio

I also stand by the fact that Apple is simply an evil corporation and the legions of fanboys aren't doing it any service either. Anyway I don't want to take this on a tangent and begin yet another OS discussion, people should use whatever works for them but I won't lie and say I'm not kind of tired of comparisons between OSX Mavericks and a 13 year old operating system. I used XP for almost 8 years running beautifully and no viruses. It's the operator that is key. Catalyst , May 9, That's an useful article indeed!

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To make sure your Macbook is properly grounded, use the extension cable of the power supply. For Mac models offering USB 2. Newer Mac models do not offer built- in 2. In this case the use of a USB hub is mandatory. Please consider the following when including a USB hub in your hardware setup:. Close all applications except the audio software you are using. This applies to any software not needed for your audio work, including internet browsers, email clients and background processes.

To do this, click on the Wi-Fi symbol in the desktop header and select Turn Wi-Fi off in the menu see screenshot below. The same applies to Bluetooth connections. Switch off Bluetooth by clicking on the Bluetooth symbol in the desktop header and select Turn Bluetooth off in the menu see screenshot below. The Energy Saver on Mac provides several options to optimize the power consumption of your Mac.

Optimising your Mac for Audio

For audio applications, these should be deactivated. Move the sliders Computer sleep and Display sleep to Never and untick the checkbox Put the hard disk s to sleep when possible see screenshot below. If you are normally using the Sleep Mode e. If you own a Macbook Pro that has both Intel HD Graphics as well as a dedicated graphics card, we recommend to switch the graphics mode to Higher performance before starting your music software.

Mac Optimization Guide for macOS/OS X – Serato Support

The Mac Spotlight utility quickly finds files and folders by creating a virtual index of your system. To prevent indexing from interfering with the performance of audio applications, follow the below steps:. Note: After applying this step, Spotlight will no longer be able to search the drives you make private.

You can easily remove your drives from the Privacy list to restore searchability afterwards. If your Mac has an ambient light sensor, disabling automatic brightness can improve waveform display related performance. To disable it, follow the below steps:. Please consider the following when including a USB hub in your hardware setup: Use only USB hubs that draw power from their own external power supply.