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To to this, press the Pull button, which applies the latest changes from a remote repository onto your local repository:. If there are no conflicts, your branch will be merged, and now your Master branch incorporates the changes too.

So, the last step would be to push the changes to your remote repository development site or production one. First, make sure you are on the Master branch. To push the changes you can either use the Push button, or right-click on the master branch and choose the Push option.

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After pushing the changes to the remote repository, you can view them in our Gitea interface at git. You can revert a commit by right-clicking in the Fork interface and choosing the Revert option.

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This will create a new commit that will undo the changes from the commit you want to revert. When working locally, the Fork interface also provides advanced options of rewriting the history of git commits like interactive rebasing and the reset option. But the Golden Rule of git is to not make such operations on the code that is public, so you may only perform such operations on your local code, before pushing it to the remote repository, for a more readable git history.

While merging your development branch into the master one, the first step is to make a Git Pull , which applies the latest changes from your remote repository development one or production to your local repository. This means that while you were developing locally, someone else might have made changes that you have also made. You stage and commit your changes, and then you want to merge your developer branch into the master one as shown above.

You need to go on the master branch, Pull your changes, and now your git history looks like this:. On your developer branch you have added a sitemap, reverted the commit, then added the correct sitemap. But someone also added a sitemap on the remote repository, which is now on your local master branch.

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10 Best GUI Git Clients for Mac

Now you can Cancel the Merge, or continue it and fix the conflicts. If you choose to continue the merge, go to the Changes section, to see what are the conflicts you need to solve. In Fork you can resolve your merge-conflicts easily using the merge-conflict helper and built-in merge-conflict resolver. Pressing the Merge in Fork button will open a new window showing you exactly the conflicted files.

You can select what changes you want to keep and press the Resolve button and the Fork merge-conflict resolver will take care of the rest. However, sometimes it is not all black and white and you do not want to keep only your changes or the ones that were made on the remote repository, but to combine them. You can now combine the code as you see fit and make sure to remove the conflict separators:. In this section of our Presslabs dashboard you can find guidance to help you access your site's [ Here's our specs wardrobe—how WordPress site files organized at Presslabs, e.

All sites hosted with Presslabs are stored on Git repositories; therefore, you need some basic Git [ Engineered in Europe, deployed worldwide. Discover Presslabs. See Also Access section In this section of our Presslabs dashboard you can find guidance to help you access your site's [ Enter a directory name or click on Browse to navigate to a directory:. Visit our guide on Git configuration for helpful commands to get you started with Git and repositories.

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You may wish to consult the following resources for additional information on this topic. While these are provided in the hope that they will be useful, please note that we cannot vouch for the accuracy or timeliness of externally hosted materials. Find answers, ask questions, and help others. Try this Guide. This guide will use sudo wherever possible.

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  4. Complete the sections of our Securing Your Server to create a standard user account. Go to the Homebrew website. Copy and paste the command on that page, under Install Homebrew into a terminal window: At the next prompt enter your password and hit Return : You will receive an installation successful message when complete: To help diagnose Homebrew errors, install Brew Doctor before installing Git: Update Homebrew: brew update Install Git: brew install git Install Git via MacPorts If MacPorts is already installed, proceed directly to Step 9.

    Clone your repository

    Go to MacPorts website. Click on the link for your operating system. After the download completes, click on the file to start the installer. Click the Continue button to begin the install: Click Continue and then Agree to accept the license agreement: Click Continue to continue the installation: To leave the default installation location click Install , or to change the default installation location, click Change Install Location : Enter your password when prompted and click Install Software : After the installation completes, click Close to exit the installer: Open a terminal window.

    Double click on the downloaded file to begin the install. Click Open Anyway : Click on Open : Click Continue button to begin the install: To leave the default installation location click Install , or to change the default installation location, click Change Install Location : Enter your password when prompted, and then select Install Software : After the installation completes, click Close to exit the installer:. To install Git on Windows you will need to download the installer from the Git website: Download the most current version for your operating system by double clicking on the package name: Select Run to begin the installation: Click Yes to continue: Click Next to continue: If you need to change the installation folder, click Browse and select a new location.

    To accept the default location click on Next : To accept the default components to be installed click Next. Then, click Next : Keep the default line ending conversion by clicking Next. To change the default, choose one of the two other choices before clicking Next : Note It is strongly recommended that you keep the default settings for line ending conversions.

    Changing from the default may result in formatting problems when viewed on your Linode. Search guides and tutorials. RSS feed. Monthly Guides Update.