Mac and devin go to high school sequel

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Wiz broke down his upcoming projects during Wednesday's episode of "RapFix Live. And the video is coming soon, of course. Everybody who knows me, know I keep it simple. So [there will be] a lot of real people in the video.

After premiering "We Dem Boyz," the Pittsburgh rapper also previewed a snippet of another song called "Drop It Down On It," without revealing where it would actually end up. Wiz joked that the song was made specifically for girls to twerk, record videos and upload to Vine. I will say this, though, I think if Wiz Khalifa tried to act, and had a good director advising him, he could transition to acting if he really wanted to… but I doubt that will happen.

The soundtrack was released worldwide in stores on December 13, And perhaps neither Snoop Dogg nor his collaborators meant to be either clever or thoughtful. A student is having an affair with her father's best friend. Well let's just say I don't have the best access to it so I watched sober.

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  3. Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa Reuniting for Sequel to Stoner Comedy 'Mac & Devin Go to High School'!
  4. Mac Snoop Dog is a year senior whose weed obsession keeps him from graduating, until he meets a hot new substitute teacher who won't put out until he gets out of high school. After two days of filming over the weekend of May 7, , production was halted when it was reported that individuals some involved with the film, some not were smoking marijuana on campus, leading the school district to revoke the permit.

    Take a Drink: when Slow Burn the talking joint is on screen. The story follows two high school students, geeky Devin and badman Mac, a stoner who befriends Devin and introduces him to. A woman in a skimpy leopard-print bikini runs her hands over her body suggestively. No word on whether we'll once again get a full length of new material from the two rappers.

    Cheat Code Album Review: Wiz Khalifa's "Khalifa"

    Every once in awhile when the movie turns into a music video at random, some of the songs are admittedly not bad. A cartoon character called Slow Burn, shaped like a rolled marijuana cigarette, is the narrator.

    Not that its got anyone credible behind it to be anything but mildly annoyed in the grand scheme, the outrageousness of some of the gags and the occasionally above average soundtrack are enough to keep it afloat as an enjoyably terrible comedy movie. Devin Khalifa is a nerd who wants to graduate first in his class to keep his girlfriend happy. The movie is sort of like watching weed porn in a lot of ways. She has been refusing to have sex with Devin but, it turns out, is having an affair with her father's best friend.

    And its name is Slow Burn… Jesus Christ. Mac is trading weed for sex and other commodities; in one example, he gets the answers to the math final exam.

    Wiz Khalifa Wants to Shed His Stoner Skin

    And Wiz Khalifa is a surprisingly good actor. His bare chest is shown and he is seen thrusting. Beer Two Wiz Khalifa is pretty bad in this. Since half of the movie is showing Wiz and Snoop or their friends getting high in all the different ways. A virgin has sex with a stripper, whose breasts are shown.